PocketPico Picoammeter Wins 2011 “Best in Test” Award

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Ix Innovations is proud to announce that our PocketPico Picoammeter has won the Test & Measurement World 2011 Best in Test Award in the “Instruments, handheld and bench” category. We want to extend a special thanks all all who voted for our product!

T&MW announces winners of 2011 Best in Test awards [Test & Measurement World]

When is a Kilogram not a Kilogram?

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Did you know that the kilogram is the last of the International System of Units (SI) units to be tied to an actual artefact? If you did, you must be interested in metrology! The ‘official’ kilogram is a  platinum-iridium alloy cylinder cast in London and now located outside of Paris. For 130 years, metrologists have used several copies of the original prototype to provide official measures of mass for the metrology community. The problem with this system is that the cylinder’s mass has been changing slightly over time (by a matter of micrograms), thus throwing into question what, exactly, the mass of one kilogram is.
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PocketPico Featured in EDN’s ANABLOG

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The PocketPico picoammeter was recently featured in Paul Rako’s ANABLOG on EDN.com. In addition to highlighting the specs of our  instrument, Paul solicited feedback on our instrument and our theory of operation from a few analog industry experts.

Open, honest debate is the best way to learn about our users and to look for improvements in future models. Paul’s post highlights the different use cases and tradeoffs that are made during the design and use of picoammeters. We’re pleased that others see the value in having the option to not fix a range due to our unique, low-noise log processing.

And extra props to Glen for finding a small typo in our theory of operation document. Error fixed!

USB picoammeter resolves 20pA-2mA [EDN.com]

PocketPico is an EETimes.com Readers Top 20 Product in 2010

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UPDATE: The PocketPico was one of the top 20 most-read product stories of 2010!

EETimes.com Products 2010: Readers flocked to low-cost, no-cost [EETimes.com]


(Originally posted December 13,2010)

The PocketPico picoammeter product announcement article was just named one of the Top 10 most viewed product articles on EETimes.com in November! Okay, we’re done patting ourselves on our backs.

EE Times Products: Readers’ Top 10 and more [EETimes.com]

PocketPico Named Finalist in 2011 “Best in Test” Awards

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The PocketPico picoammeter was recently named as a finalist in Test & Measurement World’s 2011 Best in Test awards! Since 1991, T&M World awards program has been honoring products that have brought significant technological advancement to the test industry.

The PocketPico is competing in the “Instruments, handheld and bench” category, against well respected companies such as Fluke Electronics and Tektronix.

Category winners are selected by online vote through February 25, 2011. Winners will be announced in May.

(voting has ended)

For more information, visit the Best in Test Finalists 2011: Instruments, handheld and bench page at tmworld.com.

Ix Innovations Wins $25K at Accelerate Michigan Competition

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Ix Innovations was awarded the “Products and Services” sector prize  and $25,000 at the 2010 Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition! All of us at Ix are excited to receive this award and looking forward to using it to further develop our PocketPico low power measurement tools.

Congratulations to Armune BioScience for winning the $500,000 (!) grand prize and to all the winners that are helping to fuel Michigan’s high tech economy. A special thanks to all the event organizers and to Masco Corporation for sponsoring our sector prize.

Winners from Michigan’s Big Biz Plan Contest [Xconomy]