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Stop Guessing at Your System’s Power Consumption!
Optimize for Long Battery Life Today with PowerMate

More and more, developers designing embedded and other electronic systems are being asked to design for energy efficiency. Texas Instruments, Atmel, Microchip, ST, and other providers offer MCUs designed for ultra-low-power operation, and yet without a lab full of expensive instrumentation, the designer can only estimate power consumption based on datasheet specs.

Designed specifically for low power electronics developers, PocketPico PowerMate accurately measures current from 1 nA to 30 mA between 200 mV and 5 V in a single measurement range, and charts energy usage over time. With PowerMate, you now have the ability to minimize the power profile of your hardware and software within your development environment and on your development boards.


  • Real-time energy profiling and graphing
  • Wide, single measurement range, providing fast & accurate data collection
  • Operation within any development environment
  • Power via USB, no external power needed

Mode of Operation

Only 3 connections required:

  • 1. Reference voltage
  • 2. Input voltage
  • 3. Common ground

PowerMate Reader

The PowerMate Reader PC application is your interface to the PowerMate’s measurement capabilities. This application, available for free, allows you to control your testing setup, and to analyze & graph the collected data. PowerMate is also capable of working with MATLAB, LabVIEW, and other software via the open SCPI command protocol.

Whether designing your system for the longest battery life or the best thermal performance, PowerMate gets you there.



Model P200
Min test current 1 nA
Max test current 30 mA
Settable operating voltage 200 mV – 5 V
Ranging Continuous (single range)
Accuracy 0.5% of input
Resolution 4 1/2 digits, 10pA min
Sampling rate 62,500/s (internally)
Input voltage burden <5 mV
Measurement method Unidirectional current source
Analog input Terminal connections (1mm pins)
Digital output USB 2.0

Measurement Method

Unlike other measurement instruments, PowerMate does not use shunt resistors to measure ultra-low-power. With PowerMate, you will experience virtually no measurement interference, and a voltage drop of less than 5 mV.



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